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The Compassionate Soul

Americans are often criticized for being oblivious to the sufferings of others. Here at SurfingtheSpectacle, we say, “No. No, you’re very wrong.”

We care. We care very much.


But what can we do about the pain and injustice in the world?

It’s all so confusing and irrational.


It’s not our fault. And besides, could we really make an impact?

For instance, millions of children die each year from malnutrition.
But could we ever help any one of them? Not really.


They would just live to die of something else. We wouldn’t really be solving the problem.

But there are problems that we can fix!

Look how sad and forlorn this woman looks. Can she ever be helped?


She sure can! And how!!

You see, it’s all thanks to this man. Jason Grunstra. He had a sacred calling.


Following the path of Mother Teresa, Saint Grunstra started a charitable organization called that rescues women in deep distress.

The group is dedicated to the idea of giving every needy woman bigger breasts.

Using the glorious power of the Web, they transform the lives of suffering souls
(see left) to paragons of fulfillment (see right).


It’s powerful! And any man can help! He just goes to the website
and donates money for this crucial procedure.

The man is given the title “Benefactor.”
And the women send him pictures and chat with him and everything!

But their pain is all too real.
And their tearful testimonies can break the most hardened heart.

“I really want a boob job because I want to look good in a bikini and I just have always wanted and dreamed of finally having big boobies.”


For the love of God, who will help this poor thing?!!

O, the world sorely needs our compassionate souls.

[Fox’s Geraldo Rivera tackled this story in a powerful segment called “Hooter Heaven.” Alas, it no longer seems to be available online.
The photographs on top are from unknown sources, save for the
photograph of fleeing Palestinians taken by James Lukoski.]

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