Surfing the Spectacle

Gesture, Movement, Action

When you use a pen or a paintbrush or a pair of scissors or a computer to communicate an idea, does that tool change the meaning of that idea? What happens to the idea when the tools are removed?


What do we say with our bodies and our actions when we are not painting or sculpting or editing or composing? If the medium is truly the message, what do our daily gestures communicate?


Are our gestures any less expressive than our art? If our actions and gestures constitute a language, why not create art based on that same language?


At what point can we consider action as art?


Is the artistic experience cheapened if it’s accessible? Or does that justify its validity? Can action, the rawest form of expression, be sold or commodified like anything else?


Does movement require a motive? What would happen if action had no rational catalyst?


[Guest entry by Chris Carroll with editorial assistance by SurfingtheSpectacle]

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