Surfing the Spectacle

The Face of Humanity


On the surface of Mars, an astonishing image can be found. It is a face, ancient and mysterious, peering out into the infinite universe. Small minds imagine it nothing more than a natural land formation. But more discerning observers realize that such a spectacle could only have been created eons ago by a glorious Martian civilization.

Could we humans, here on earth, ever create a comparable monument to our own greatness?


God knows, we’ve tried. Consider the Great Pyramids of Egypt and its marvelous Sphinx. Impressive achievements? Yes, yes, of course. But they lack a certain…something.

Let us call it majesty.

But now, mankind has finally erected our own majestic and eternal monument. And it’s all due to a noble institution that, at its own expense, hired an elite team of global scientists, engineers, architects and artists to create a sacred symbol of who we are and what we mean.


These artisans labored for 24 days, working around the clock to construct an awe-inspiring image comprising 65,000 exquisitely painted tiles. Once completed, another six days was needed to assemble the work in its final resting place, the mysterious Nevada desert.

The image spans a mind-boggling 87,500 square feet. It can easily be seen by any galactic visitors orbiting our planet.

Behold, one might say to them, behold the majesty, splendor and wisdom of the human race.


Truly, brothers and sisters, Kentucky Fried Chicken has given us all a timeless treasure.

[Guest entry by Danny Lambdin with editorial assistance by SurfingtheSpectacle]

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