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The Luxurious Freedom of Statelessness


Look at you.

Wealthy, beautiful, alluring, you spend your days pursuing pleasure, seeking to enjoy life at its fullest. You yearn for ultimate liberation.

But you are not free.


You are tethered to a world of banality. Look at the people you pass on the street. Worker drones with their petty aims and desires. And worse still, the poor, the ill, the lowest class. All of these people are beneath you, with no understanding of how to truly live.

Worse yet, you must pay taxes to serve all these people.

Why not serve yourself? Why not just pack up and leave the United States, hop from one country to country, purchase the finest luxuries, commingle with other elites, and sample the best life has to offer?


Break free into statelessness.

A stateless person is not considered a national by any state. They are free from the operations of its laws. This could be you. This could be the end to your prosaic nationality.


You can obtain a rare and distinctive 1954 Convention Document that allows utter statelessness.

Forget all the legal documents of the state. Forget taxes. Now all your money is your money. Secure exceptional treatment wherever you go.

You need no passport to buy a yacht. Sail across the world in a new and different port of call every night. Meet amazing people that are truly of the highest caliber.


Stateless, you will be in great company. Sip champaign with Nicolas Berggruen, a billionaire who renounced his citizenship to avoid taxes and spent the last decade hopping between 5 star hotels. Or shop for diamonds with Eduardo Saverin, a billionaire founder of Facebook. He renounced his U.S. citizenship before a 2012 tax would cost him $700,000.

But even these gentlemen are tied to other governments. For Saverin, it’s Brazil; for Berggruen, it’s Germany.

You, however, can break all ties. You can grab the freedom you truly deserve.


Statelessness is the true answer.

Few know that there are already some 10 million stateless people in the world. But most of them have no idea what to do with the cherished condition. Indeed, they are among the most wretched people on the planet.

The Bedoon, for instance. Former nomadic people in the Arab Gulf States and Iraq, they became stateless in the formation of the gulf states and exist as illegal immigrants in many countries. And the Rohingya, an ethic minority from Myanmar. They were denied citizenship in 1982, and currently survive in ghettos or internal refugee camps, if they’re not fleeing the country amid a genocidal campaign against them by the Myanmar government.

None of these people have the wealth and taste to embrace the rich freedoms of statelessness. You’re courageous enough to live lavishly. Paradise is calling.


Take the plunge. Renounce your citizenship today.

A U.S. citizen needs only to go to a U.S. embassy or consulate, pay an expatriation tax and fee, and flee the United States and its horrific income tax forever.

Since 2010 over 13,000 Americans renounced their citizenship. You should be next.

Seize control now. Renounce your nation. Find your bliss. You can be a free and beautiful creature — it is your true destiny.


Entry by Meredith Brindley with editorial assistance by SurfingtheSpectacle.

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