Surfing the Spectacle


We’re not talking about American football here.
“Blitz” is what Italian artist Iginio De Luca calls his blend of street art
that incorporates projections, performances and installations.
Like most street art, these pieces are enacted without permission.

He likes to slander and attack valuable figures, buildings and institutions.
It is really rude stuff and doesn’t merit permission or praise.
Take this piece done in 2010, for example.


Lavami. That is Italian for “wash me.”
Why are you victimizing the Catholic Church, Iginio?
They’ve never done anything wrong. Come on…

Then there’s this degenerate piece, also done in 2010:

Silvio c’hai rotto li gommoni.


“Silvio, you have broken the life rafts.”
An insinuation that the now ex-Italian Prime Minister,
Silvio Berlusconi, was irresponsible and was “sinking” Italy.

Iginio, I am sorry to tell you that you were dead wrong.
Italy is in great shape now. And before you mention that whole thing
about Berlusconi being convicted of tax-fraud in 2013, remember this:
Everyone is human.

Including the Pope.
Which is why this other 2010 piece,
Il Papa macchiato, is especially distasteful.


Stains on the Pope? Not cool.
All Popes have a God-given sense of fashion, don’t forget.

Unfortunately, Iginio continues to employ these distasteful tactics
to insult and hurt. Here is a photo of the artist (the one in the white jacket)
rolling some big dice in front of The Quirinal Palace, the historic building
where the President of the Italian Republic works.


Ca maronn c’accumpagn.

We get it. You think the politicians are treating the well-being of Italy
like a game, just tossing dice around to see what happens. Funny.

Now listen to that carabiniere and go home already.
Seriously, why are you so angry?
Like I said before, Italy is in great shape.

Spectacle Entry by Costantino Toth

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