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Children’s Guide to Terrorism

It’s a dangerous world for kids out there today. I think we all know that. But what can we do about it?

One fine man has found an answer. He’s the beloved and world-renown children’s illustrator and author Archibald P. Campbell. The marvelous Archie (as his fans and pals call him) has created a wonderful new work that speaks directly to the little ones, gently instructing them about the Arabian peril that threatens their every breath.

The book is slated for release in spring of 2007. But we’ve been graciously permitted an early peek at the cover and the first two pages. What a delight!


There’s a tenderness to all his books. Never more so than in this one.


But with the tenderness, naturally, there must be everlasting fear and danger.


Archie has already won a Pulitzer Prize for his writing and a Caldecott Medal for his illustrations. But he’s told us that a work like this isn’t about awards or fame or money, it’s about extending a helping hand to America’s kids, showing them the true face of menace in their lives.

And, for this, we are truly grateful.

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