Surfing the Spectacle

Flawless Love


Sim Chang, a Taiwanese artist interested in photography and human disconnect, released a series of works in 2010-2014 entitled “Flawless Love.”


Chang’s work utilizes Japanese anime culture, juxtaposed by tradition and modern technology.


iPads replace self and turn into a faux reality. Chang’s work questions our perception of the world.


How do we express our identity as an individual? As a culture?


At what point do we consider something seductive to be grotesque?


What does it mean to feel safe? Fear of confrontation, imagination derived from the avoidance of problems.


The Screen Generation interprets life from second-hand, online experience. Limited by convenience.


Chang writes: “Falling in love with their own imaginations may be a much more beautiful truth than reality.”

Spectacle Entry by Elizabeth von Kaenel.
Sim Chang’s work can be seen here and here and here.

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