Surfing the Spectacle

Vision of the Divine

We live in an odd universe, full of dark mysteries. Visions spring forth strange and uncertain.


Dream visions.

Restless images that ask more than they answer.


But amid the murk and confusion of our twilight world, certain avatars offer the gift of clarity.

Behold a figure strong and straight and powerful.

We have praised her before. Indeed, she was the guest star of our site’s very first entry, and she continues to embody eternal notions of courage and fortitude.


This week, SurfingtheSpectacle has traveled out West to more closely view this guiding muse as she spiritually transcends the tribulations before her. Stay tuned.

[Top image from Stalingrad, 1942. Iraq war image by Michael Kamber of the New York Times. Image of Ms. Hilton from the Pacific Coast News.]

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