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American Dream Girl

Imagine a stunning, God-fearing woman who saves her precious gift until the day she marries her husband.


She will walk down the aisle, trading in her purity ring for her wedding band.


And she will know in her heart she’s a pure little angel ready to create all the babies in the name of God without any sins of the flesh marring her past. Isn’t that just what every man would want?

The ideal family!

But in this day and age teenagers are sinning left and right. Tainting their pure souls with pornography and getting taught about sex in school. Just horrible, isn’t it?

Don’t these young feminine souls know that the second they have intercourse they will be giving a part of their soul and heart away to underserving creeps who will only damage them? Not to mention the STDs and pregnancies.


But what kind of examples are we setting for our daughters? There are reality shows about girls who lose their purity and get pregnant because of it! If you haven’t watched 16 and Pregnant on MTV, then count yourself lucky. What pure wretched souls!

I bet she would have been happier if she stayed pure!

So what is the solution?

I give to you the most wonderful gift you can give to your young, Jesus-loving, pubescent daughter: the purity ball.

What’s a purity ball?

Well, it all starts with a beautiful ceremony between a father and his daughter. The father promises to protect her precious gift before he gives her to her future husband, and she signs a pledge to him and God that she will remain pure! The lucky girls will lay down a white rose next to a cross and then the partying begins. There are some beautiful slow dances. It is a truly magical bonding moment for a father to share with his daughter. Take a look

It just warms your heart, doesn’t it?

It’s best to bring your daughter to a purity ball as soon as possible, so you don’t have an embarrassing moment like this:

Honestly, the earlier the better!

Because you know if a father doesn’t protect his daughter’s flower and teach her to respect herself, then she will run wild! It’s wise to give her a piece of jewelry to represent her sacred promise. That way she can look at it every day and remember God’s plan for her virginity.


So it’s kind of like a wedding?

Exactly! It is a beautiful symbolic ceremony and will surely make her excited for that special day in her future.


Look at these happy couples. You couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment to share.

Truly living the American Dream!

What a serene moment!

She looks excited to take her pledge!

They look so great together!

These stunning portraits are courtesy of Huffington Post, and taken by a photographer named David Magnusson.

In case you want more information, check out this gentleman’s website. He organizes purity balls!


And never forget:


Spectacle entry by Alyssa Michener


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